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 1,5 - 2 years old

Your  1,5 - 2 jaar can:

Motor skills

  • walk properly
  • sit down in a low chair
  • climb up the stairs
  • Step down from a height of 20 cm
  • Kick a ball
  • Touch a balloon in the air
  • Build a tower out of four blocks
  • Turning pages from a book with 2-3 pages at a time.

Social skills

  • Pull a toy while walking
  • Take off socks
  • Help taking off own pants
  • Put arms in the sleeves of a sweater
  • eat with a spoon
  • Use a fork
  • Hold a drink with two hands
  • Drink with a straw

Cognitive skills

  • Find objects that are hidden, for example, under a cloth.
  • problem solving skills are better and better, because of the image that is created in his/her head. 
  • Start roleplay or fantasyplay about normal. daily activities
  • Think/ plan ahead in situations.
  • Pause an activity and coem back to it later
  • Follow simple instructions and remeber what to do 

Language development

  • speak about him/herself by name
  • create two-word sentences
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Recognize images
  • Use its own language (name objects and animals by the sound they make)
  • Know about 25-200 words
  • Discover that all objects have a word.