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1 month old baby

Your 1 maand old can:

Motor skills

  • Lift his/her head up for a few seconds while laying down
  • Follow an object with eyes
  • Grab your finger when you offer it 
  • Lift the head up shortly while held in upright position.
  • Makes a lot of uncontrolled movements

Social skills

  • Looks at faces
  • Smiles for the first time
  • Cries irregularly
  • Shows he/she is not happy by squeezing the eyes closed and 

Cognitive skills

  • Act based on uncoordinated reflexes mostly and respond to the world around him/her instinctively.  
  • Explore the world around through limited motor skills like turning the head, sucking.

Language development

  • Make noises from the throat
  • Reflex laughs
  • Responds to sounds
  • Look for the source of a sound with the eyes