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2,5 - 3 year old

Your child aged  2,5 - 3 jaar can:

Motor skills:

  • standing on one leg
  • climbing stairs one step at a time
  • Jumping of the first step of the stairs or a similar height
  • walking over a gymnastics bench
  • riding a tricycle
  • jumping with both legs at the same time
  • is not afraid to do a head roll with help
  • catch a balloon
  • build a tower of 9 blocks
  • turning pages of a book one by one
  • string big beads

Social skills

  • put on easy clothes without help
  • open big buttons
  • hang coat alone
  • drink with a straw
  • play alone for a while
  • have more and more contact with others
  • playing next to other children (not together)
  • experience that others can be disturbing to you while you play
  • being potty trained during the day (maybe)

Cognitive skills

  • Washing or feeding a doll during playtime. This means that the child can make the center of his/her attention outside him/herself!  
  • Having images in mind of object or events that are not actually present or happening. (mental representation). This expresses in language, drawing and play.. 
  • Being able to see that a symbol represents something in the real world. 
  • From 3 years up: drawing things that actually look familiar. Around the age of 3-4 years old there should be drawings of humans. 
  • Believe that lifeless objects can think or have feelings. Children can for example, be angry at a "bad chair" when they walk into it.  
  • Having difficulty to distinguish fantasy and truth.  This period is called the "magic thinking"period. Your child will believe in fairies, magic and supernatural forces. 
  • Can do roleplay about daily activities together with other children.  

Language development

  • point out images in a book
  • Listen to stories and rhimes
  • Use two ore more word sentences
  • Speaks in only the most essential words
  • Use the word "I" and "me"