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5 months old

Your 5 maanden old can:

Motor skills

  • Sit in  an high chair with backsupport 
  • Lift the head spontaniously while laying on back
  • While lying on tummy, reach for an object 
  • While lying on tummy, support himself by leaning on the elbow and showing a proper head balance 
  • From lying on the back, turn to side 
  • Showing improved balance while being held up in standing position 

Social skills

  • Enjoys looking at other children
  • Enjoys being around other children
  • Prsents to hold a bottle.
  • Makes sounds of joy, vocalising 
  • wave arms and legs and wiggle often
  • Reaches hands to familiar faces 
  • Is reluctant to strabge faces 
  • Shows discontent from certain foods 
  • Shows anger if a toy is been taken away 

Cognitive skills

  • The world is getting bigger through crawling and sitting! Baby will be more interested in the surroundings.
  • The coördination of the senses improves, baby will try to grab oblects and manipulate them.
  • Wil repeat interesting behaviour that accidentally happened, such as kicking against a musical mobile while laying underneath it, to make the object move. 
  • Regognizes the effect of his own behaviour on the world around him. For example, will smile to trigger a return smile from a caretaker
  • Is fascinated by games like "peek a boo" but is not able to join in yet most of the time 

Language development

  • Makes lots of sounds, "babbles"
  • Understands "bye"and 'hi" 
  • Makes efforts to reproduce sounds from the environment 
  • Recognizes mums voice 
  • Makes sounds that clearly show joy or frustration