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7 months old

Your7 maanden old can:

Motor skills

  • Sit with support 
  • Stand with suport, knees and legs straight 
  • "jump" when exited 
  • While lying on back, kick legs 
  • While lying on tummy, trying to pull himself forward with hands on the floor (without succes) 
  • Pick up a toy with the hand 
  • Follow a moving small toy with his 
  • While lying on tummy, use hands for support 
  • While lying on tummy, turn head in all directions

Social skills

  • Play with own feet
  • Touching own mirror image 
  • Be intrigued by the baby in a moirror, not recognizing himself in it yet.
  • Have a strong preference for certain people
  • Hold his own spoon and cup
  • With help, drink from a cup
  • Likes to watch other children and likes to be around other children 
  • Makes loud noises when a caretaker leaves the room 
  • Makes loud noises if he accidentally drops a toy and can't get to it 
  • Be happy for his own accomplishments and expressing that by making happy noises
  • Shows gratitude and affection to caretakers 
  • Realizes that he is the same person today as he was yesterday 
  • Makes eye contact if name is called

Cognitive skills

  • The world is getting bigger through crawling and sitting! Baby will be more interested in the surroundings.
  • The coördination of the senses improves, baby will try to grab oblects and manipulate them.
  • Wil repeat interesting behaviour that accidentally happened, such as kicking against a musical mobile while laying underneath it, to make the object move. 
  • Regognizes the effect of his own behaviour on the world around him. For example, will smile to trigger a return smile from a caretaker
  • Is fascinated by games like "peek a boo" but is not able to join in yet most of the time 

Language development

  • Talks to his toys
  • Listen to music and "sing"
  • Understands "bye"and 'hi" 
  • Mkaes all sorts of combinations of vowels and consonants such as ‘ah-ah-ah, oh-oh-oh’
  • Makes recognisable efforts to reproduce sounds from the environment