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BSO and VSO De LinQ

BSO De LinQ offers after school care for children 4 - 12 years old.

In this cosy primary school "de LinQ" there is a HappyKids after school care location for both children from the LinQ and other schools closeby. 

The school is surrounded by a large, green playarea, wich provides a BMX track, a soccer field, and more.  When the dutch weather does not allow us to play outside, we offer multiple inside play areas! And on top of that we offer regular trips to our indoor trampoline park JumpKids.

During holidays and on teachers study days we offer a fun activity program with excursions, workshops, sports and crafts.

In case your child attend a sports club , we also offer the transport for your child. Please ask for the possibilities.

Apart from the above, we also offer optional, short sportsprograms 4 times a year.

We offer transportation to our BSO from the following schools:

  • De LinQ
  • De Boog
  • Antoniusschool
  • Opmaat
  • ’t Venne
  • De Fakkel
  • Het Mozaïek
  • Het Palet
  • 't Joppe
  • De Wikkeling

And also we offer before-school care on alle weekdays from 07.30-08.30 (only for children form the LinQ)

For options regarding other schools, please contact us!

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Price per hour 2024: € 9,50

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Melanie Buis

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