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Daycare Floriande

This beautifull, bright location is a gem in Floriande! All the bright play areas are situated next to the large outdoor play area. Every day we offer fun and stimulating activities for the kids. Upstairs, there is a large indoor play area where we can play, dance, or do games or sports activities. Regardless the weather outside!

We offer separate agegroups for baby's and for children 1-2,5 and 2,5-4 years old. All agegroups have their own outdoor area. For our babygroup, we offer extra soft artificial grass so that they can enjoy being outside aswell. 

Between the group play areas, there are sliding doors so we can decide to open up the area's for kids to play in a bigger space whenever we want.

Also on this location; after school care!


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Price per hour 2024: € 10,65

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Kirsten Kuijper

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