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Daycare "het Kasteeltje

Our daycare location "het Kasteeltje" offers daycare for children 0-4 years old , located in a nice large building in Hoofddorp, Toolenburg area. We offer full day care , and VE placements (with a VE or preschool indication from the consultation office) For children in the VE program (mon-fri 8.30-11.30) , we offer extra weekly support form a tutor. 

At our daycare, we use a certified method "Uk en Puk", wich offers stimulating activities that are fun and appeal to young children. In every theme, activities are offered for three age groups. These activities are easily fitted in the daily schedule of the daycare and cover language development, social development, the development of the motor skills and more. 

You are very welcome to visit us or more information. Please contact our manager Jenny Kapteijn, .


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Contact informatie

Hoofdweg 871a
2131 MB  Hoofddorp


Jenny Kapteijn

LRK# 102980500

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Geboortecentrum PUUR is present on this location on wednesday mornings.