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After school care 't Arnoldusparkje

BSO/ After school care  't Arnoldusparkje offers after school care and before school care (only for Klimop on mondays, tuesdays and thursdays) for children 4 - 12 years old. At this location, we have a lovely and cosy location for the younger children, with a large outdoor area. 

For the older children, we have a large indoor area with a adjoining outdoor area that offers sports and play. 

The before school care is for the Klimopschool only.

We offer transportation to our BSO from the following schools:

de Klimop

Dik Trom

KC Natuurlijk! 

Montessori Pax (eerste Montessori)

het Braambos

JP Heijeschool

de Klippeholm

PI de Ster

de Regenboog

Van Gilseschool (transportation not included*)

Van Voorthuizenschool

De Vesterhavet

De Klimboom

For options regarding other schools, please contact us!

* transportation is not offered by HappyKids, parents are responsible for the organisation and costs of the transportation


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Contact information

Arnolduspark 15 en 16
2132 CR  Hoofddorp


Saskia van der Groef

LRK# 125879957 (Arnolduspark 15)
LRK# 293797559 (Arnolduspark 16)