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Daycare locations

HappyKids offers daycare on various locations througout Haarlemmermeer. Daycare is for children 0-4 years old. 

A paradise for your child  

A friendly baby area, but also a stimulating play area for toddlers, and much more. That is what you will find at our locations!  All of our locations have large outdoor play areas and separate bedrooms for each agegroup. Every location has it's own character. Your child will love to play here and explore!  


HappyKids has  SPW3 of higher qualified staff on each location. All employees are trained annually on several subjects. And all locations offer activities form the develeopmental program "Uk en Puk".  And all of our teachers are offered first aid training. 


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We offer the following agegroups: 

"Babygroep" (2-15 months)

One pedagogic employees take care of 3 baby's each with a maximum of 12 baby's in one group. 

"Dreumesgroep" (12-30 months)

One pedagogic employees take care of 6 children each with a maximum of 16 children in one group.

"Peutergroep" (30-48 maanden)

One pedagogic employees take care of 8 children each with a maximum of 16 children in one group.

Some locations have vertical groups. Children 0-4 are all in one group. Depending on the ages, the maximum number of children is determined.


Daycare Floriande

Daycare Floriande

This new location is perfect for parents in the Floriande area.
Daycare de Polderrakkers

Daycare de LinQ

A cosy daycare within the primary school Daycare de LinQ Inside…
Kinderopvang het Arnoldusparkje

Daycare 't Arnoldusparkje

Our lovely, bright daycare in the northern part of Hoofddorp
Kinderdagverblijf het Kasteeltje

Daycare 't Kasteeltje

Kinderdagverblijf het Kasteeltje biedt kinderopvang aan voor…