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Information about developmental fases

Motor skills

The motor skills play an important part of baby’s development. To discover the world, skills like grabbing, holding, moving ans sitting, walking are required. The motor skills develop in a fast pace. Around the age of two years old, your child will be able to turn the pages of a book one by one and a toddler will be pretty able to use scissors.

Social development

The social development is all about the way your child responds to the world around us. Your child can smile with intention, show anger or joy by making certain facial expressions. It wil develop a unique personality with characteristics such as a strong opinion and perseverance.  The social skills of a 2-4 year old have an enormous growth in this period. Through the great progress in the language development, your child can express his or her wishes better each day and participate more actively in het social world. Your child will wave it's hands when saying goodbye,  will be able to understand simple tasks and eventually, be able to play with other childresn of the same age. 

Cognitive development

Cognitive development  is all about learning to process information from the world around us and use this knowledge later .Through playing, children experience different situations spelenderwijs in and explore by looking, listening, smelling, tasting and feeling . Cognitive development is not exactly visible. Making certain noises, facial expressions, or showing new motor skills tells us that a young child has learned something new. Learning, remembering, thinking and reasoning are intellectual skills. At first, a 2 year old will mostly learn by trial and error, experimenting, and mimicking adults. later on, a child will be able to recognize certain concepts and create an image in his or her mind. That will enlarge the problem solving abilities without the need to experiment. In addition to that, the concentration curve wil be better. 

Language development

The Language development  is so important for the overall development of a young child.  Communication is needed to express physical needs and to satisfy social needs. By showing certain facial expressions or by crying baby's can show us very early on that they feel comfortable or not.  Language is an important instrument for thinking and learning, by using words, children can communicate their information, thoughts and needs. The langauge development therefore, is very important for the social and cognitive development.