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Parent Portal

At HappyKids,  we offer our parents a completely digitalised system for information and more. With the portal comes an app which allows parents to forward messages, apply for extra care days, make swap request and cancel days. Also in the portal and app are our newsletters, short information messages, and a diary and photo album of every child. 

Parental committee

It is very important to us to have a perental committee that want to represent all parents. Your suggestions, input and remarks help us to offer the best service possible. 

The parental committee offers advice on the following subjects::

  • General quality plan
  • Pedagogical plan 
  • Food plan
  • Safety and health
  • Opening hours
  • Price
  • Activities
  • Interior
  • Toys and educational materials
  • Communication 

banner klachtencommissieThere will be regular meetings with the manager of the location. 

If you have input for the parental committee, you are welcome to send them an email via the email adress mentioned on the portal for parents.