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Playgroup Montessori 

Situatde in the Eerste Montessorischool in Hoofddorp is our playgroup.

The vision of Maria Montessori is very suitable for toddlers. Our playgroup offers Montessori materials that are age appropriate. We also introduce the customs that are found in Montessori education, such as caring for the materials. 

Our employees are educated for working with a precshool method. They can stimulate the development of your child in a fun way and are trained to notice and help solve developmental issues. When your child has a VE indication, you can use our care. Your child will have extra care from a tutor every week. Using the VE method is very stimulating for every child!  

The method we use is "Uk en Puk" and through it, we stimulate the general development, the language development, the social development, the development of motor skills, and more.

This is being done by;

  • Offering activities that are very carefully chosen:
  • Creating a stimulating environment:
  • Work in themes that appeal to young children;
  • Offering children the opportunity to make choices or alternate an activity to his/ her own preference.

The playgroup will ensure a fantastic start at the Eerste Montessori! 

The playgruop is open on all five days from 8.30-12.30 schoolweken. 

We are situatde in the Eerste Montessorischool, Kaj Munkweg 45, 2131 RV , Hoofddorp

The costs for the playgroup are applicable for governmental allowance when both parents work. For children with a VE indication, there is a different price, and costs are mainly subsidized by the counsel of Haarlemmermeer. For parents that can not use any governmental allowance, there is an option to get (partly) subsidized care as well. We are happy to help if you have any questions!

For more info;  

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Situated in the Eerste Montessorischool in Hoofddorp is our…