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4 months old

Your4 maanden can:

Motor skills:

  • Keep the head upright without support 
  • Lift the head 90 degrees while lying on the tummy 
  • Look straight ahead
  • Open and close the hands regularly 
  • Consciously kick with the legs, simultaniously or alternating

Social skills

  • Play with own hands and with clothes
  • Reacts when someone is showing a bottle
  • laugh loudly
  • Express anger by making powerfull movements with arms and legs 
  • Express joy by kicking, opening the mouth, breathe deeper, smile and make soft noises. 
  • Smile to respond to seing a familiar face.

Cognitive skills

  • Repeating own behaviour that is discovered 
  • Adjust behaviour to the surroundings in a simple way. For example, your child will suckle the breast in a different way than it would suckle a toy
  • Anticipate certain events slightly, for example, a hungry baby will stop crying if  a parent enters the room. 
  • Imitate facial expressions from a caretaker. Even 24 hours afters watching them! 
  • From the third month onwards your baby will respond to the caretaker by maiking noises and laughing. Baby will begin to discover differetn oises he/she can make. 
  • Discover the surroundings with better developed motor skills (like kicking, reaching, grabbing), though stil very uncoordinated.

Language development

  • Search for the source of a sound with eyes
  • Smile to you while making sounds 
  • Laugh as a response to a funny or happy sound 
  • make noises to people
  • Show an interest in the movemnets a caretakers'mouth makes while speaking and mimicking without the sounds 
  • Make noises that increase/ decrease from soft to loud and low to high.