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Baby van 8 maanden

Je baby van 8 maanden kan:

Motor skills

  • Sit without help for one minute (not using arms for support) 
  • Sit with a straight back and long legs and have an active balance. 
  • When falling over, niet uit zichzelf weer gaan zitten als hij achterover is gevallen
  • While laying on the tummy. moving arms and legs and be able to turn 360 degrees that way
  • Can pick up a small item with the index finger and thumb.
  • Go from tummy to back and other way around while lying down

Social skills

  • Play with own feet
  • Touching own mirror image 
  • Be intrigued by the baby in a moirror, not recognizing himself in it yet.
  • Have a strong preference for certain people
  • Hold his own spoon and cup
  • With help, drink from a cup
  • Likes to watch other children and likes to be around other children 
  • Makes loud noises when a caretaker leaves the room 
  • Makes loud noises if he accidentally drops a toy and can't get to it 
  • Be happy for his own accomplishments and expressing that by making happy noises
  • Shows gratitude and affection to caretakers 
  • Realizes that he is the same person today as he was yesterday 
  • Makes eye contact if name is called

Cognitive skills

  • act with intention, for example opening a bottle with the intention to drink
  • anticipate to certain events. For example, rach the arms up and cry whem mum seems te be getting ready to leave.
  • Get more interested in observing others and mimicking tis behaviour later. For example, after seeing a sibling stirr with a spoon or push a toy car, trying this him/herself. 
  • Understanding more and more that an object still exists even when it is out of sight.  blijft bestaan, ook al is het uit het zicht). When an object is hidden, the baby will search for it.
  • But your baby will still search object in the place that they were many times before, even if they see it being hidden somewhere else.  
  • Solving simple problems that have been experienced before.

Language development

  • Talks to his toys
  • Listen to music and "sing"
  • Understands "bye"and 'hi" 
  • Mkaes all sorts of combinations of vowels and consonants such as ‘ah-ah-ah, oh-oh-oh’
  • Makes recognisable efforts to reproduce sounds from the environment