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HappyKids childcare represents a proper daily care for your child. Also, we find it very important to stimulate the development of your child. Our four pedagogical principles are: 

  1. Providing a feeling of emotional safety
  2. Giving the opportunity to develop personal skills
  3. Giving the opportunity to develop social skills
  4. Teaching norms and values

Pedagogical plan

Every location has a pedagogical plan specific for that location. In this plan, we describe how our pedagogic experts work on the four main pedagogic goals. For the main goals, we have a similar approach on all of our locations. There can be some differences in the details though. Locations can have their own character due to;

  • The use of the available space
  • The area surrounding the location
  • Working with a certain programma 
  • The way the groups are divided by age

Following the development

HappyKids is keen on following the development of your child. Observations are a big source of information. If neccesary, we will discuss our observations with the caretakers. And we can provide a personal plan to help your child develop better. 


HappyKids provides a fair amount of documents in which we describe all of our agreements, about how we prefer to handle different situations. For example:

  • Medical procedures
  • Protocol safe sleep
  • Emergency plan
  • and more

If you would like more information about subjects that are not described in our pedagogical plan, please let us know and we will inform you properly.


At every location, the children are placed in a certain group. They are mostly  "horizontal groups" Children in one group are all the same age. At our smaller locations , we will have groups with children of various ages.