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BSO (after school care) & VSO (before school care)



HappyKids has a clear vision on after school care. Participating in a group is the main idea. Through offering a lot of sports activities and games, we offer this possibility. We have accomodations that are ful of possibilities for indoor and outdoor fun. HappyKids is well known for the excursions and fun activities during school holidays and for our own Speelkasteel en JumpXL Haarlemmermeer ( All excursions and activities are included. 

Unique concept HappyKids 

HappyKids values the options that children have for activities. Therefore, we have developed a unique concept. We have several activity areas. 

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Pedagogical Policy After school care 2019 (in Dutch)


After school care Floriande

After school care Floriande

After school care Floriande The best after school care in…
BSO Caleidoscoop (vh Albert Schweitzer en Flamingo)

Before and after school care Caleidoscoop

BSO Caleidoscoop is a cosy BSO inside the school building
BSO De Polderrakkers

After school care BSO de LinQ

Situated in Nieuw-Vennep
BSO het Arnoldusparkje

Before and after school care 't Arnoldusparkje

After school care 't Arnoldusparkje is great fun!
BSO het Kasteeltje

After school care 't Kasteeltje

After school care in an indoor playground! After school care 't…
Sport BSO @ Jump-XL

Sport BSO @ Jump-XL

Sports and fun at our after school care in Jump XL!